01 February 2005

Overbooked, over guilt

So, I've managed to cram my week with not just meetings, but also mommy-guilt make up time.

As in:

* Extra nursing sessions to help accomodate the child with a growth spurt and the daycare workers who don't know how to cope with a breastfed child.

* Going to child's talent show on the one evening I don't have much of anything going on, after a full day of back-to-back meetings.

* Delivering snacks to my daughter's Girl Scout troop on Friday afternoon, even though I really don't have time on my lunch hour to get the snacks (see above for why).

* Delivering a home-cooked meal to one of my Moms Club folks, because she just had a baby. And they did it for me back in September. Payback is hell.

* Trying to fill in for overworked husband on the parenting end, so he can have some semblance of free time this week.

* Finishing gigantic project at work that was neglected for weeks because of ill children taking up my work time.

Why do I do this to myself? I know superparents don't exist.

But in one quick bound off a tall building, I leap into parenting duties and work without fear of speeding bullets (or deadlines).


Gina said...

Just reading that entry made me exhausted. Wow. What about *your* free time?

Sherrie said...

This week, no free time. But I'll make up for it. Trust me. :)

There's a trip to Fla. in May for me in the works.