10 October 2006

Yay Cardinals!

That's what my son and I said all last week.

Here's hoping we can replicate it this week. Unfortunately, most of the games will be on at times he can't see, being as how his bedtime is at 8 p.m.

That frustrates me, because the way you raise baseball fans is to take them to games and let them watch the important ones. The latter is impossible to do if they are all on during prime time.

(oh, sorry twins fans. didn't mean to jinx you last week.)


Gina said...

Go, Cards!

The Twins made me sad, but not for long. Now, I'm smiling because a certain overhyped team from my area was knocked out by a team everybody said would be out in three games. (Yay, Tigers!)

Greg said...

It's OK, hon. I'm sure you didn't mean to jinx us. You're more of a Twins fan now than you've ever been in the past thanks to Bat-Girl!