18 October 2005

Chronic pain and the Cardinals

My carpal tunnel is acting up again, so I'm taking a break from posting. I'll be back in a few days, I hope. Brace is on, but I need to take a rest from typing.

To see my feelings about the Cards-'Stros series (last night not withstanding), read my friend Christian's blog.


Brad Simmons said...

Hey Sherrie,

Condolences to you & the Cards. I was hoping to see an I-55 shootout in the series!

I'll be halfway rooting for the White Sox, since I was born on the south side of Chicago, and my grandfather was a rabid White Sox fan.

Meanwhile, Nebraska plays Mizzu this weekend. I saw that the Tiggers knocked around Iowa State last weekend, but I don't think the Huskers will be quite the same pushover. The 'Skers are improving, (albeit slowly) under Callaghan. So, this MU-NU game is anyone's call! :)

Anonymous said...


Go, kittens, go!!!